CBS News: Vijay's View on Gold (Investment vs Money)

CBS News:  Vijay's View on Gold (Investment vs Money)
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Gold’s price is up by more than 14% in 2024. Here are 6 reasons to buy in now.
Gold’s price has climbed over 14% this year and more growth could be ahead. Here’s why you should buy in now.
"The best way to think of gold is not necessarily as an investment; it makes more sense to think of gold as money," explains Vijay Marolia, money manager and managing partner at the financial planning firm, Regal Point Capital. "So, if all of your money is in US dollars, your money is losing more than 3% per year in terms of purchasing power. By holding a portion of your liquid net worth in gold and other precious metals, you can better protect your purchasing power as inflation continues to eat away at the dollar."