Why I Wrote a Business Book for Babies

Why I Wrote a Business Book for Babies
My nephew Syan getting a nice squeeze from big sister Liya 

I know that babies can't read.  And yes, babies are not well known for their business acumen.  But that's not the point.

The point is that someone must read to the baby.

That "someone" may be a mother, grandmother, or a neighbor, or whatever they identify as on that day.  But the fact that they're actually reading to the baby, implies at least a bit of caring intention.  And for those that really do intend to care for a child's wellbeing, it follows that their planning must include the years when the child grows out of childhood.  Ideally, the caring intention promotes positive outcomes for when the child has a child of its own.  

Sure we all know that college is becoming more expensive, but isn't most of life???  Hasn't INFLATION impacted our lives in unexpected ways - in harmful ways?  

I think, in this increasingly globalized world, where technology continues to take more of its share of our lives, the "education" one gets from university is NOT ENOUGH. The quality of education at our formal higher learning institutions is getting worse.  The quality of life for many in the evaporating Middle Class is getting worse.  And yet, the bills seem to get bigger and bigger.  

So is there any hero that can handle this???

I say BUSINESS & ENTREPRENUERSHIP can be the hero that saves our future generations from hardship. That is what I hope to convey in the world's first and only BUSINESS BOOK for BABIES.  

Baby's 1st Bu$iness Book: A HEDGE FUND MANAGER attempts to explain Business (alphabetically) to as many babies as possible! (Baby's 1st Series) https://a.co/d/dFmaFfN

I had to write it!!!  Out of love. Out of fear. I was pulled to write by hope and pushed to keep writing by desperation.  Let me explain.


I wrote the book out of love. Love for my family; as I want them to easily learn what they may not be able to learn as easily or quickly in formal education.

But I also love the ART & SCIENCE OF INVESTING; and I absolutely love BUSINESS.

I love the freedom it provides.  I love the people I meet.  I love the lessons I learn. And, I love being able to provide for myself and others.  Knowledge of business brings me all of the above.  


But I also wrote out of fear.

I fear our society is becoming more polarized.

This polarization is best seen in the increasingly stubborn attitudes towards two fundamentally opposed, but mutually misunderstood economic theories; SOCIALISM vs CAPITALISM.

I think I understand why this misunderstanding exists. It exists because people are tired of the "system" not working for them; they have been told the system is CAPITALISM.

But they have been told a lie.

In truth, many of the fundamental freedoms that are required in a true capitalist society have actually disappeared.  They began to dissapear in the 1940s when the federal government decided to increase regulation on some of the largest parts of our economy; for example, banking, insurance, health care, education, transportation, housing, etc.

In truth, it is EXACTLY the areas in which the federal government has increased its involvement where we see the largest increases in cost, waste, and fraud.  It is where we see the least innovation and speed.  Bureaucracies are bad for business.  


I wrote the book out of hope.

I have high hopes for our future generations.  I have high hopes for our globalized world.  And I have high hopes for humanity.  But humanity is best served by those best able to serve it, where and when it needs or wants the service.  I hope this book unleashes the natural entreprenuerial instincts (not unlike the hunting & gathering instincts of our ancestors) within each of us.  

I hope more people will learn to serve themselves by learning the best way to serve society.  


I was desparate when I wrote the book.  I desparately wanted to see my niece and nephew and the Covid-19 pandemic and forced quarantine made it difficult.  But difficulty promotes thinking.

I started thinking that time is so precious. I started thinking that without time, one cannot enjoy the only thing more precious; one's family.

My father came to America out of desparation. He was desparate for a better life, for himself and his family.  

America gave him a chance.  But BUSINESS gave him the opportunity.  

God bless both!